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Nancy Morales 

Short Biography

Born in South America (Colombia), living for over 20 years abroad (the US and Greece), definitely makes far more  natural her work to Teaching Spanish at all levels, by customizing  innovative Spanish language methodology and ingredients towards an international students audience.

Nancy's students, mainly University students, corporate employees, or simply people with genuine interests in Spanish culture and tradition are from all age,  have managed to learn Spanish fast and either find jobs in Spanish/ South American multinationals or simply continue their Graduate Studies abroad.

She has acquired full Spanish Language Proficiency from the Greek Ministry of Education, is an active member of the Instituto Cervantes Spanish teachers Association in Greece, and teaches at both foreign language centers and from home.

As per her above CV, as a Native Spanish Language Teacher,  she has also completed various circles of pedagogic seminars e.g. Universidad de Alcala, Instituto Cervantes courses, Superior C2 certificate level,
As a Spaniard and teacher of Spanish, her main goal is to make a great and valuable contribution to worldwide students who are interested in learning and improving this amazing language by following different and creative methods.

Apart from Teaching Spanish language, she is interested in learning other languages (already fluent  in English and Greek), loves travel, gymnastics all kinds of good  latin music, dancing
Spanish lifestyle culture and tradition.
Nancy has also lived, studied and worked in the US for 10 years as a Sales Person and Administrative personnel at the Hotel and Tourism Industry.

Spanish Teaching Focus
- Learn Spanish starting from all different levels (basic, intermediate, advanced)
- Improve your spanish grammar and writing skills.
- Gain confidence with your speaking ability.
- Everyday Spanish, idioms, how to read properly, expand your vocabulary, conversation skills...
-  Innovative teaching methods through latest songs and cultural events.



Mar 2009:                  Universidad de Alcala
                                   Participated in CURSO DE METODOLOGIA Y DIDACTICA DEL ESPANOL PARA PROFESORES (30 hours), organized by the “University of Alcala (Madrid)”, along with the “National Kapodistrian University of Athens” and the “Consejeria de Educacion de la Embajada de Espana en Atenas”,  under the” Ministerio de Educacion, Politica Social y Deportes de Espana”.

Dec  2008:                ASPE/Instituto Cervantes/Spanish Embassy, Athens
                                    Competed special seminar series for the “auditivo” portion of the Instituto Cervantes DELE exams, titled “La compresión auditiva: ideas practicas para ayudar a los alumnos a comprender” , organized by the Education & Science Department of the Spanish Embassy, along with the Spanish Teacher’s Association (ASPE) and Instituto Cervantes offices in Greece

Oct 2008:                  ASPE/Instituto Cervantes/Spanish Embassy, Athens
                                    Completed circle of seminars on “Spanish teaching methodology”, titled  “Seminario de actualización didáctica para profesores de español lengua extranjera”, organized by the Spanish Embassy, the Spanish Teacher’s Association (ASPE) and Instituto Cervantes offices in Greece

Jan  2008:                Was Certified by the Greek Organization for HR  Development (ΟΑΕΔ) as Spanish Language Teacher (Registered No. ΟΑΕΔ-ΛΑΕΚ: 30450) to organize Seminars for the professional development of Private/Public Sector employees, financially supported by the  Greek State.

Jun 2007:                  ASPE/Instituto Cervantes/Spanish Embassy, Athens
                                    Completed circle of seminars “Talleres de actualizacion didactica para profesores de español lengua extranjera”, organized by the Spanish Embassy, the Spanish Teacher’s Association (ASPE) and Instituto Cervantes, along with the National Kapodistrian University of Athens.  

Jul 2006-                  Greek Ministry of Education and Religion
Jan 2007:                 Proficiency in Spanish Teaching, conferred teaching license for both Foreign Language Centers and  private classes (Reg. No.507/31-01-2007 and  No.5492/20-11-2006)

Nov 2004-                 Instituto Cervantes, Academic Course ICE03-122, Athens
Apr 2005:                   Completed one full semester of professional Spanish language 
                                     teaching training, organized for teachers ο Instintuto Cervantes, title
                                     Curso Inicial de Formacion de Profesores de E.L.E. 

Feb 2004  :                Superior- Diploma de Espanol, Lengua Extranjera
                                    Received the Proficiency level  degree (C2), having succeeded in the Athens Exams organized by Instituto Cervantes, which certified Spanish as being her maternal language.

Oct 2000-                   ASPE/Instituto Cervantes/Spanish Embassy, Athens
 Dec 2002:                 Completed the 9th and the 11th Teaching Seminars circle for
                                     Professors, organized by Instituto Cervantes, titled “Jornadas de Didactica de Español Lengua Extranjera”

May 1996:                 Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki,  
EC Contemporary Language program
Completed Greek language learning circle .

Sep 1986-             YMCA International Services, Boston USA
 Nov 1989:            Completed English language learning circle .

                                            Teaching  Experience

Jan - Dec 2008:       Taught more than 400 hours of Spanish language courses to the
                                    employees of the Greek subsidiary of the Spanish based “Iberdrola”
                                   Multinational Corporation, working for the “PRISM Business Consulting             

Jan 1992 - today:  Taught Spanish courses at all levels, both private and at various                   
                                   foreign language centers:

-       Mariou Giannakaki School, Athens,  (Tel: +302102931465)

- Theofilaki Foreign Lang. School, Athens, Tel: +302102386979 &  +306945425789)

-       European Communications “So easy”, Athens

-         E.L.I., Chalandri, Athens (1992 – 1994)


-all above certificates and references are available upon request-

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